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Acing the Job Interview Attire

For: Be Plus Magazine

By: Leslie Velázquez - Blogger

As part of your New Year’s resolution, you decided that this would be the year you finally leave your dull job or change career paths. You’ve researched all of your prospective employers and updated your resume. You made a list of possible interview questions and mastered all your answers. You are finally ready to once again venture into the job/career search world with confidence and a sense of freedom. Or this is your first time going to a very important interview. But wait! It’s been a while since you went to an interview (or first time), and are a little bit rusty when it comes to the perfect interview attire. But this is a life changing opportunity, you really want this job. What you wear for an interview may be a determining factor when it comes to choosing between you and that other candidate with the same experience, drive and enthusiasm as you. Yes, what you wear for an interview is important, regardless of the position you are trying to get. Because we got your back here at Be Plus Magazine, I have gathered a few tips and career ready wardrobe ideas to help you feel more confident and hopefully help you get that dream job.


Look professional and polished regardless of the position you are applying for. It might sound cliché but there is truth behind the saying “dress to impress”. Looking professional will show your interviewer that you care and respect the company, him/her and yourself.

Keep it simple. I will be stressing this throughout this post. You want to cause a good positive impression, not scare your prospective employer. You can wear colors, but keep it professional and tasteful. No shocking pink suits, no neon green nails, no…you get the picture. Just keep it basic and clean.

Keep it tailored. Your outfit should look fitted. Not tight or too lose. You should look well groomed and comfortable. Clothes that look too big makes you look sloppy, too tight makes you look...well, you get the picture. It’s all about showing professionalism.

Don’t go crazy with the matching. You don’t have to match every single piece of your ensemble. Just make sure the combination of colors go well with each other. By matching I mean, no purple eye shadow with purple blouse and purple shoes.


Dress pants- Black dress pants are always a good choice. But again, you can experiment with colors, like burgundy or navy. A good pair of dress pants can go a long way as you can dress them down with flats or dress them up with high heels.

Millenial Pant Slim Boot Trouser_$58.50_torrid.jpg

Millennial Pant Slim Boot-

Blazer- Even though this no longer is a must, it is always good to have a blazer at hand. Especially if you are are aiming for a position that requires more formal attire on a regular basis.

Tahari ASL Plus Size Open-Front Zig-Zag Jacket_$149.jpg

Tahari ASL Open Front Zig Zag Jacket-

Button down shirt- Regardless of its reputation the button down doesn’t have to be boring. Experiment with different fabrics, patterns and styles. This color block button down would look amazing tucked in a black pencil skirt and stilettos. The possibilities are endless!

COLOR BLOCK BUTTON DOWN in Navy & Rasberry_$103_Mynt 1792.jpg

Color Block Button Down-

Skirt- Just like dress pants; you can’t go wrong with a basic black pencil skirt or any nice skirt for that matter. But you can also play with colors; try not to make them too bright or flashy. As for wearing pantyhose, well nowadays it is accepted to just go bare. Just make sure you shave (duh) and put some unscented lotion on. If you must wear them, then by all means do, don’t go too dark though.

MYNT 1792 FIT AND FLARE SKIRT_$89.99.jpg

Fit and Flare Skirt-

Dress- Even though the little black dress can be a perfect choice you shouldn’t limit yourself. Experiment a bit and think outside the box; try something in a tasteful color like muted turquoise or even red (darker red looks more professional). Leave the body cons for a night out. Your interview dress should be well fitted but not too tight. You want it to look like you’re comfortable in your beautiful dress. Like this beautiful cobalt dress from Boohoo.

Boohoo Izzy Cap Sleeve Asymetric Hem Midi Dress in Cobalt_$30.jpg

Izzy Cap Sleeve Asymmetric Hem Midi Dress -

Blouses and other shirts- Don’t avoid print. There are some very tasteful and professional looking patterns out there (avoid animal print though, seriously, put it back down). But if you’re a bit skeptic about them you can always use a basic blouse like this one:

Mandarin CollarTunic Blouse_$44.50_Torrid.jpg

Mandarin Collar Tunic Blouse-

Shoes & Handbag- Again, simplicity is the game. Ideally you should wear close toed shoes. Some people are okay with using a decent pair of peep toes. I however prefer the more conservative closed pump. Black shoes are ideal, but again, you can use nice neutral tones. When it comes to a handbag, a nice clutch, a small shoulder back or tote will do (leave the studs, chains and skulls at home).

zipped bowling bag_zara_80.jpg

Zipped Bowling Bag-



Hair & Make-up- Just like jewelry, try not to overdo it with the makeup. Go for a natural look and avoid matching makeup with accessories or the color of your shirt (please, please stop the madness). Regarding your hair, leave the excessive hairspray for another occasion. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to style a nice bun or ponytail. Style it but leave it as natural as you can. Make sure it looks neat and clean (watch out for loose hairs and frizz).

natural makeup.jpg

Nails- A French manicure looks professional and it shows that you take care of yourself. Can’t afford a manicure or you just don’t have the time to get one? Try neutral colors or use a clear coat to make your nails look shiny and well maintained. You can use funky designs or different colors for the tips, but try not to go too crazy.

french manicure.jpg

Minimal jewelry- The rule of thumb is to keep it simple (I said I was going to stress this). A nice simple necklace and a classy looking watch should be enough.

No need for fancy or expensive jewelry. Check out this lovely necklace and watch from www.Forever

Short Curved Chain Necklace_Forever 21_4.50.jpg
Studded analog watch_$20.jpg

I hope that you got inspired! Now, it’s time to prep up and ace that interview! Good luck! Not that you need it ;-).

Need help figuring out what to wear? Leave your comments below, or leave a comment on the Be Plus Magazine Facebook page.

If you would like to share some of your inspirations with me you can tweet me at @thisisLeslieV or look me up on Instagram at @leslieveplus.

See you next time lovelies!



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