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10 Cold Weather Essentials to Keep You Cozy

For: Be Plus Magazine

By: Leslie Velazquez- Blogger

Whether you are going to travel to a cold place or live in a Winter Wonderland you are going to need these everyday winter essentials in order to keep yourself warm and cozy during this cold season. And who is to say that you can’t do it in style? Of course practicality matters the most, but thankfully there are places that have both practicality and style as their top priority when it comes to winter clothes and accessories.

Thermals or Thick Leggins: One important piece of layering. Make sure you find a good one that helps contain the hot air that emanates from your body. Put some jeans or legging over these. If you’re going to a relatively chilly but not extremely cold place, I would suggest you skip these, as (depending on the brand) can make you feel too warm for your liking and wear some thick leggings instead.


Sweaters: Skip the neutral colours and wear some funky ones for a day or night out. There are currently so many beautiful choices out there to have fun with. Patterns, glitter, famous characters, beads, and embroidery are just a few selections to choose from.


Socks: Of course if you’re wearing boots, you’ll have to wear socks. But why settle for plain old boring socks. Pick a fuzzy pair or a nice wool one in trendy seasonal colors. Remember that as soon as you walk into a friend or family member’s house this will be part of your attire. Unless you walk barefoot, quite frankly not my preference, and want to show off that nice pedicure you gave yourself.


Boots: You have to keep your feet warm! Make sure you buy the right pair for the right weather. Winter boots are becoming more stylish, but if you’re going to a really cold area, practicality wins. But, you can always compromise and wear something nice if you’re not going to be outside for a long time or if the weather is good for it. You don’t want to ruin your nice boots, right?


Scarves: This piece is essential for covering your face from the wind chill and keeping your neck warm. And of course looking stylish! I love scarves! There are so many nice ones to choose from. I always keep basic colors to pair them up with any outfit, like black or beige; but I just love the always trending plaid and tribal ones.


Beanie or Tuque (as they call it in Canada): This is very popular and necessary winter accessory to keep your head warm. A cute popular one this winter is the “pom pom” or bobble beanie. And don’t worry; they won’t give you that dreaded “hat hair” look although some static might get in the way. Tip: carry that coconut oil in your purse, just in case.


Gloves: If you are like me, two minutes outside in the cold and you feel like your fingers are about to fall off, then these are a must. Scared of not being able to use your touch phone outside because you want to avoid your fingers from freezing? No worries! There is a wide variety of nice gloves with “texting technology”. That’s right, no need to take them off to play your favorite farm game.


Moisturizers: How some people fail to remember this, I don’t know. But if you want to keep your skin healthy, not to mention avoid the dry skin itch (sorry, gross, but a must), you need to moisturize. Your skin will dry up because of the cold (you won’t be sweating as much) and it can even break (trust me it hurts like a *beep*). Moisturizers are a must. I prefer anything with cocoa in it, they smell delicious. Tip: Carry a small tube in your purse to re-moisturize your hands.


Lip balm: Another moisturizing essential for your skin. Keep those lips moist and healthy. Cracked lips are painful and will get in the way of your makeup routine. My favorite by far is Burt’s Bees, it smells and feels great.

Lip balm.jpg

Outerwear: And last, but not least, the number one essential, the winter coat, parka or jacket. There are so many different variety of winter outerwear that it can give you a big headache deciding what to pick. But again, it all depends on where and how cold it is. Winter jackets, ponchos, capes, cardigans and such, might be some suggestions that you can look up and see a variety of. All of them, especially the ponchos (which I love) are super hot right now. If you are buying a coat or jacket, make sure it is comfy and is big enough for you to wear layers under it. Otherwise it will feel too tight, making it difficult to move and probably making you look like that big marshmallow monster in Ghostbusters, yeah that one.


Don’t forget that the key to keeping yourself warm is to layer, layer, and layer. Although dressing up to fight the cold may be a tedious task, having the right accessories and clothes will make it a lot easier to deal with. If you play around with the styles, it can turn into a fun thing to do! Hope you have lots of fun if you’re visiting friends and family. And if you live in a cold climate, hang in there sweetie, we’ll get through this in style. Hot chocolate anyone!?

See you next time!






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