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Leslie’s Top 5 Plus Size Little Black Dresses To Wear For Any Occasion (And Where to Find Them)

For: Be Plus Magazine

By: Leslie Velázquez- Blogger

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.” -Coco Chanel

The little black dress (LBD) is best known for being a top choice when it comes to special events and night outings. It has been one of my favorites for many reasons, first because black has forever been my top colour of choice, second because of its versatility, and third because of my “slight” obsession with dresses. Unfortunately for me, I woke up a few days ago to the sight of snow falling. Meaning, that unlike some other brave ladies here in good old Canada, I would not dare to wear anything above knee length (even with leggings, in minus 0 degree weather. Lucky for you beautiful ladies down south, you can flaunt your LBD at anytime, anywhere and however you like. In my opinion fashion rules need to be broken in order for it to move forward. So, forget the when, how or where you should wear your LBD and let your creative juices flow. Here are my current top 5 plus size LBD’s to wear on any occasion.

Ashley Stewart_Printed A Line Ponte Dress_$54.50.jpg

This little “not so” black dress is perfect for work and after work cocktails with the girls! This is of course an elegant and more traditional way of wearing your LBD, but what makes it a bit different is that beautiful splash of white patterns. The print is beautiful and in my opinion positioned perfectly on this dress. It’s just the right amount of white and black in my.

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Dress In Lace With Short Sleeves_$85.28.jpg - $85.28

What’s not to love about ASOS? They’re trendy, diverse, and edgy! This dress right here and the styling that was done is just amazing (bless you ASOS stylists). It has that “American Horror Story: Coven look” to it (if you follow me on Twitter you know how obsessed I am with this show). I adored that season and the style! But, you really don’t have to be a fan to appreciate this dress. I think it’ll look spectacular with anything! Eliminate the hat and add some curls to your locks, replace the booties with stilettos and charm necklace with a statement piece and viola! Ready for a night out with friends!

ModCloth_Akin to Audrey dress in Black_$42.99.jpg - $42.99

Oh ModCloth! Classy and vintage looks at its best! (Have you seen their collaboration with blogger Nicolette Mason? It’s beautiful!) I love browsing their look books because of the use of diverse models to show off their pieces. Just like ASOS, they cater to all sizes of clothing. This adorable piece with a hint of white in a beautiful patterned collar is perfect for lunch or afternoon coffee with the girls, or that special someone (wink).

  • Aisha Belted Plunge Neck Skater Dress (Boohoo)


Boohoo offers a nice eclectic plus size selection (sizes 16-20). And they are both affordable and modern. This beauty right here is no exception! The belt gives a nice casual touch to that plunge neck. And that flair shape looks so comfy! They offer it as eveningwear, but I would definitely wear it for brunch in a heartbeat! Too chilly outside or want to add a pop of color? Put a shawl or a nice cardigan over it!

Domino Dollhouse_Pin Up Sundress_$55.95.jpg

Another beautiful exception to the LBD rules (rules schmules I say!). Check out the beautiful Tess Munster modeling this rockabilly look! This pin up dress with white and black polka dots accents is a winner in my honest opinion. And why not? Wear it with shocking pink pumps like Tess does here, or go classy with some black mary janes. Domino Dollhouse never ceases to impress me with their fabulous pieces!

Oh! And just to throw it out there, here are some throwback pictures of myself using one of my LBD’s for two different occasions.

Dinner with “la familia” and…

Leslie 1.png

Photos provided by: Leslie Velázquez

Halloween of course!

Leslie 2.png

Photos provided by: Leslie Velázquez

Remember beauties, own your style, flaunt your curves and bend the rules!

¡Hasta la próxima!



Twitter: @thisisLeslieVe

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