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Hear the Roar of IGIGI

To: Be Plus Magazine

By: MizLiz- Columnist The Blog Of MIzLiz

Hear The ROAR!

IGIGI released their animal designs in every style imaginable for their Fall colleciton. No matter your style you will find the perfect piece from IGIGI. No matter the design you will always find rich materials that will flow effortlessly over your body and attention to detail. For this special edition I am featuring 3 dresses from this line.

My Measurements: 47 - 42 -53

Height: 5'0

IGIGI Dress Size: 14/16

BBWGeneration.IGIGI MalikaDress.1_pp.jpg

The first dress is the "Malika" dress. This is a perfect piece to wear to work or at a casual lunch. The key is in the accessories. I integrated the same blue heels and intricate bracelet in all three looks to show how the spirit of each dress defines the mood and look.

Bracelet: <<CLICK HERE>>

Bracelet (Similar:) <<CLICK HERE>>

Blue Heels (Similar:) <<CLICK HERE>>

"Malika" is very comfortable and swayed in the gusts of wind beautifully around my legs. I added my chain belt to define my waist a bit more and can do so with just about any belt you may have in your own collection. The black top panel is a perfect backdrop to any belt in any style and color.

To dress up the look I wore my metal bib in matching brown and gold colors. It is one of my greatest "one of a kind" Ebay finds. My Oaxaca chandelier earrings is a great combination in finishing the look.

Oaxaca Earrings: <<CLICK HERE>>

"Francesca" dress is a Bombshell ready to happen! It hugs you in the perfect angles and still gives you room for movement. It is a classic cut that will never go out of style and will always make you feel like a movie star. I felt nothing less than glamorous while I posed around the iconic Union Train Station in Downtown L.A.

I kept my blue heels and bracelet and added my white crystal and spiked necklace with matching earrings. The neckline is too beautiful and a small necklace was a perfect choice.

I had numerous people compliment me on my look and tourists took pictures while my children and I worked on our shoot. We truly felt like movie stars! White Crystal Necklace: <<CLICK HERE>>

"Yasmine" is a long maxi dress that envelopes you with luxury with a daring slit that will show with a light win or a stride from your beautiful legs. The design is figure flattering yet with full flowing skirt. The print is a mix of cheetah and zebra that adds to the art of it's beauty.

Again, with the same blue heel and bracelet but added a large clear chandelier necklace. For this look I added two large brown roses to pull my hair off the one side of my face and wore my golden chandelier earrings in clear stones.

Chandelier Earrings (Similar:) <<CLICK HERE>>

This dress can be dressed up - as I did here - or as a casual piece by switching out my heels for a summer flat/heel and minimizing the accessories. You will look BEAUTIFUL no matter which way you choose to wear it.

Remember FASHION is an ACCESSORY to YOU! Make each item your own in which you feel you are at your most Beautiful and Empowered self.

Here is the link to IGIGI's look book on the rest of this AMAZING collection: <<CLICK HERE: ANIMAL INSTINCT COLLECTION>>

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