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Product Review: Curl Secret from Infinity Pro by Conair

For: Be Plus Magazine

By: Leslie Velazquez- Blogger.


Have you guys seen Conair’s latest invention, the Curl Secret? (Check out the TV ad here). I got to tell you, when I saw the commercial for the first time I was very sceptical. How many times have we seen these miracle gadgets that claim to make our life a lot easier, only to be let down by burning hair, cuts and bruises? I usually don’t fall for these gimmicks. So, I did some research first instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a useless product. On my hunt for the truth behind Conair’s newest gadget, I stumbled upon an amazing amount of YouTube videos reviewing it, and to my surprise, the results were positive. Apparently Conair has come up with yet another product that claims to make our life a little easier- when it comes to first world problems-that actually work.

Let me tell you first why I decided to start the search. I suck at curling my hair. I’m not graceful; I can be the clumsiest person in the world and I don’t have a lot of patience with my hair. I have thick hair and plenty of it too. It has some waves to it, but it cannot hold a curl. Since it’s easier to straighten I just blow dry it and make sure it stays straight by using a flat iron. I really wanted to have at least one night of curls. Where does my infatuation for curls come from? My beautiful mother. I just adored her curly hair (that’s where my “waves” come from), but genetics decided to bless me with my father’s straight black hair (not that I’m complaining). After researching and watching some “how to” videos, I decided to test my luck and buy it. The results? I was pleasantly surprised. I did not burn my hair (or my fingers), and the curls lasted not one night, but an entire week! For this though I recommend using some hairspray to make it last longer. I’m not going into details on how to use the product, because there are plenty of tutorials online, and it’s pretty straight forward. But here are a few pros and cons.


♥ Fast- It took about 20 minutes of my time, considering the amount of hair and thickness of it, that’s pretty fast.

♥ Easy- Select a piece of hair according the type of curl you want, put it in the device, and that’s it. It does all the curling work for you. It has two settings, a 3 timer setting and a 2 temperature setting. They are both used to determine the type of curl that you want.

♥ Perfect curl- When I tried to curl my hair with a regular curling iron, each curl would end up being a different size, which in turn left my hair looking like Medusa styled it for me. Like I said, I’m not that delicate, and I just didn’t have any patience. The back just looked terrible, and the ends stuck out like twigs. Trust me, it was a disaster. This handy “thingamajigger” actually makes a nice curl. And I can actually work all around my head, now that I no longer have a fear of getting burned.


• Heavy- It is a bit heavy because of the mechanism used to curl the hair. So you might need to use both hands to hold it and it might be tiresome after a while.

• Hair does get stuck- Your hair might get stuck if not brushed thoroughly or if you select more hair than you should, they advice you use ½ - 1 inch sections. On the bright side, the mechanism is set to stop drawing hair immediately after the hair gets stuck and reverses itself in order for you to take it out easily and painlessly.

Not a lot of style variety- There are only two mayor settings, as mentioned above. The combination of these settings will determine the size and style of your curls. As you know there are different sizes of curling irons that will give you different styles. Because you will have to use less section with the Curl Secret, your curls will end up being a bit tighter and it will be harder to get a more vintage or laid back hair style (which requires bigger curls).

All in all, I am quite happy with this product. I don’t think I wasted my money at all because it served its purpose, easily curled hair that last more than one night.

Here’s the final product:

Curls with Con Air.jpg

Would you buy the Curl Secret? Do you own one? How do you like it so far if you do? Comment away lovelies!

See you next time!



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